Aquinas on Causal Powers and Efficient Causation

(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Under Contract)

My book recovers Thomas Aquinas’s novel and intriguing perspective on causal powers and efficient causation. In addition to contemporary appeal, Aquinas’s perspective on causal powers and causation is significant for understanding his broader thought, as well as the trajectory of historical thinking about causation from the late medieval to the early modern period.  Along with reconstructing Aquinas’s views on key philosophical questions, I examine later medieval critiques of his positions.

Table of Contents

  1. Active Power
  2. Passive Power
  3. Action and Passion
  4. Types of Agents and Ways of Causing
  5. Powers for Changing Matter in Aquinas’s Material World
  6. Conditions and Features of Efficient Causal Interactions
  7. Final Causality